Albert J. Wagstaff

King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church


Pastor Albert J. Wagstaff, a native of Uniontown, AL, was born June 6, 1941. He founded King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church in 1981. Pastor Wagstaff married the late Lucille Wagstaff and together they had three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Pastor's vision is to reach the lost and teach and develop all believers. Pastor studied at Western Bible College in Kansas, Central Baptist Seminary, and is the recipient of an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Tennessee School of Religion.

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Our Mission Statement

    The mission of the King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church is to provide spiritual opportunities which enable ALL
    members to express their faith in Jesus Christ through worship and the study of God's Word.

    Our Vision Focus

      The vision of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church is to creatively implement the Great Commission, to
      build a growing Christian community through evangelism, preaching, and teaching around the perimeter of North Omaha.
      Our goal is to extend the transforming grace of Jesus Christ through an effective Christian Education learning environment with 21st century technology.
      We envision an ever-growing number of diverse people to join our church. We imagine a variance of resources in place that will meet the spiritual
      and everyday primary needs of members, their immediate family, as well as the community.

Pastor A.J. Wagstaff & Wife Johnny M. Wagstaff

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Our Pastor & Wife Union

On August 31, 2019 Pastor A.J. Wagstaff & Johnny M. Holmon were joined in holy matrimony. This has brought King Solomon Baptist Church a new exciting addition for the pastor and our church family.We look forward to the future help and ministry of the new dymanic team that God has joined together.